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Evermore opened first in Fall 2018 for the inagural Lore season. This ran through November 2018. World Walkers were introduced to the Fae King, Druics, Acolytes, Dragon trainers, knights, elves, witches, the barkeep and Nettletons.

Aurora's first season started in December 2018 and ran through February 2019. King Aerik and Queen Laila visited Evermore with their royal physicians, advisors, and military leaders.

Mythos' first season began in May 2019 and continued through August 2019. The schedule included a discounted ticket price on Monday night labeled as Family Night. Caderyn, having healed, returned with his friends from Mythos and elswhere and enjoyed the summer. As the season came to an end, a darkness began to fall over Evermore and it's residents.

Lore's second season will begin in September 2019.

For current openings, refer to the official calendar here: https://www.evermore.com/calendar