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Lore is the Halloween season at Evermore park. It has mild spooky fun earlier in the night and then things get darker later on. Beware the vampires, undead warriors and infected townsfolk!

Synopsis 2018: In Evermore's inaugural season, “Lore”, a mysterious portal opened and an illness called the darkness fell upon several unsuspecting inhabitants of the town. The Darknesses most notable victim was the Fae King, the loving and benevolent leader of the fairy folk. With all of this going on the local Apothecary, Thurgood Dyad, worked feverishly to find a cure that would stay its effects. By the end of the season it was apparent that Evermore needed a champion. Using their collective strengths and intellect the champions were able to uncover the final ingredients and secrets that would bring an end to the darkness and free the Fae King from its hold.

Returning to Evermore Park, fall season 2019.