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Current Evermore Residents
Name Role Race Origin Notes
Aelin Dragon Dragon Earth Magically engineered from a salamander.
Agramir Druid Human Evermore (Ag-ruh-meer) Druid in the service of the Fae King. Honestly wanted to protect people from the darkness. Was a kind man, but sarcastic and teasing at times. Now a "reformed" druid, and operates as a rat catcher.
Alice Williams Farmer's Daughter Human Evermore
Amelia Price Aspiring Actress Human Knows every line from every Shakespeare play and does great impressions.
Ben Human Falconer
Clifford Tree Tree Evermore
Edgar Beaumont Academic Human Has studied the humanities (namely Greek and Latin) and has determined the artifacts from Aurora are more Nordic in nature, though he is not very familiar with those languages.
Elinore Human Bath, UK Has come from bath to get away from an arranged marriage.
Evangeline Human
Falda Lamplighter Human Evermore Friends with Sloane the satyr and Caderyn, the Fae King.
Faldo Lamplighter Human Evermore Friends with Sloane the satyr and Caderyn, the Fae King.
Frederick Caroler Human
Ina Dragon Trainer Human Evermore (ī-nuh) Adopted by Aidan. Adopted sister of Kaida.
Ivy Caroler Human
James Wikam Explorer/Scientist/Inventor Human Evermore Responsible for portals opening and the current expert on the subject.
Jardani Gypsy Human From Belgium, by way of New Orleans
Katherine Alby Runs Fishing Business Human Bath, UK Has come from Bath to take over the family fishing business that has been hit with prodution difficulties due to most of the fish being eaten during Lore.
Meg Human Falconer
Oran Harrowbrook Town Crier Human Previously sailor on respite in Evermore and a secondary town crier to Sykes. Cousin of Alice, a local farmgirl.
Robert B. Frasier Scientist Human Scotland, north of Edinburgh apprentice to J. Wikham ; trying to rebuild the bridge between Suds and Wikham.
Rosella Grey Washer Woman Human Evermore
Seamus Bartley Pickpocket Human Evermore Will potentially steal your heart, wallet, or both. He drinks an old family brew that can have dangerous and caustic effects on WorldWalkers.
Sephtis Executioner/digs graves when needed Human Evermore Only kills who he is told, hasn’t been told to kill anyone, feels no need to kill vampires. His first kill was when he killed his father as a child.
Sertia Baker Human Evermore
Suds McBride Bartender/Proprietor Lantern Tavern Human Evermore Was engaged to Clara Nettleton before she was trapped on the other side of the portal. Short fellow, good for information on town's goings on. Brother of Bear McBride.
Sykes Town Crier Human Doesn’t currently spell, but he’s learning.
Tip-Top Town Guardian/Explorer Automaton Evermore Built by J. Wikham as a guardian for the town and to probe new portals to see if they're safe to travel through for humans.
Previous Evermore Residents
Name Role Race Origin Notes
Alice Williams Human Farmgirl Evermore There might be some sparks brewing between her and Dorian. A very sprites girl who knows Sloan and Faldo like they are family.
Aodhan Human Hunter Evermore Member of the Blackhearts.
Sir Arawn Human Knight Evermore Used to be the bodygaurd of the elf princess. She has not needed him since coming to Evermore.
Bear Mc Bride Human Bartender Evermore
Cian Wood Elf Mage Scotland Brother of Fiana. His grandfather came through a portal from Mythos to Scotland.
Clara Nettleton Human Miller's Daughter Evermore Daughter of Furgus, Sister of Finley. Engaged to Suds/Bear McBride. Recently infected. https://www.facebook.com/groups/everfolk/permalink/2233040036981580
Cordelia Human Witch Evermore
Dervell Dunghill Human Hunter Evermore Member of the Blackheart hunters. Unskilled, but not incompetent.
Dorian Human Farmer Evermore
(Sir) Duffy Doyle Human Knight Evermore
Elanora Mander Human Townsperson turned Darkblood Evermore Recently cursed. Researcher, particularly a volume on invasive plants. Published book called Invasive Plants from Asia. Her interest began with exposure to hogweed.
Eppie Human Witch Evermore 706 years old. Self identifies as the opposite of a bad witch.
Fiana Wood Elf Mage Scotland Sister of Keyan. Her grandfather came through a portal from Mythos to Scotland.
Finlay Nettleton Human Miller's Son Evermore Son of Furgus, Brother of Clara.
Fintan Human Druid Evermore
Furgus Nettleton Human Miller Evermore Father of Finley and Clara.
Gudrun Human Historian Evermore Sometimes watches James Wickam's tent when he's away.
Harriet Ghost Ghost Evermore Dating Riley (before and after her passing).
Harvey Ghost Ghost Evermore
Hortense Human Juggler Evermore Her father grew the pumpkins in Evermore
Killian Human Hunter Evermore She's a hunter, leader of the Black Hearts. Pretty ruthless and snarky.
Lottie Human Seamstress Evermore Doing needlepoint as aa way to find magical protection for Evermore. Has a book with all the magical properties of the trees that give color to her thread.
Marek Sacrin Human Leader of the Acolytes Evermore The leader of the Acolytes of the Order of St. Michael. The Order has removed its presence from Evermore, as the Plague was cured and our task was complete.
Marnie Human Townsperson turned Darkblood London Recently cursed. Just returned to Evermore from London.
Miri Human Gypsy
Mayor Maynot Human Mayor of Evermore Evermore
Neely Lynch Human Antiques Dealer Evermore Of pirate descent. Interested in Thurgood.
Nessa Quinn Human Barmaid Evermore She is the sassy, yet playful and bright eyed barmaid that runs the crooked lantern. She left for Aurora because she doesn’t like the snow.
Nora Quinn Human Barmaid Evermore
Olc Human Druid Evermore Archdruid and loyal servant of the Fae King during the Lore season. Pronunciation very similar to "oak," with a nuanced "L" instead.
Orin Human Gatekeeper Evermore Uncle of Riley
Pasha Human Townsperson turned Darkblood Russia Young Russian boy infected with the Darkblood plague. Cured and has left Evermore to travel.
Pavol Human Druid Evermore
Riley Peele Human Gatekeeper Evermore Nephew of Orin. Dating Harriet (before and after her passing).
Saorise Human Dragon Trainer Evermore Trained by Kaada when dragons were introduced to Evermore through the portal. Saoirse is currently traveling to see if she can find any more signs of Dragons about.
Silas Human Bicyclist "Penny-Farthing" Evermore
(Professor) Thurgood Human Alchemist Evermore
Wen Weaver Human Witch Evermore Crush on William. Has problems with Wickam. Golden eyed guilty witch. Attempts to do good, and it usually ends in disaster.
Willam Human Traveler's Apprentice Evermore Crush on Wen Weaver. Apprentice to Wikam.